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Consider joining a committee! Committees are where the work gets done and where we see our dreams become reality.

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  • Membership and Outreach:  responsible for membership development and support, including recruitment and retention.
  • Fundraising and Finance:  responsible for coordination of activities required to raise funds for the operation of the Club and support of issues and candidates endorsed by the club; responsible for preparing an annual budget and maintaining an appropriate reserve fund.
  • Media and Communications:  research and develop web site, social media platforms, press releases, advertising, announcements, printed materials, signage, and other communications and media.
  • Political Affairs:  oversee programs and activities related to making candidate endorsements, supporting political campaigns, donating money, organizing volunteers within the membership for political action and conduct other political functions as delegated by the General membership.
  • Legislative Affairs:  research legislative activity on a local, state, or federal level of interest to the Club, providing periodic reports to the Club.

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To join HPD, you must be registered Democrat and come to our monthly meetings. We urge every member to join one of the committees to help the club move along: committees are where the work gets done!

Check out our Bylaws and read section IV. Membership Requirements.




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