Restore Trust in Democracy within the CDP by Validating Votes for State Party Officers and Regional Directors

WHEREAS, the right of Californians elected or appointed to the Democratic State Central Committee to elect the leadership of the California Democratic Party (“CDP”) becomes meaningless if all votes are not vetted properly and tabulated fairly; and

WHEREAS candidates, voters, and observers of the 2017 CDP state officer and Regional Director elections have raised concerns about how these elections were conducted, and ballot reviews are still unresolved, while candidates leading in the reported vote have assumed office despite uncertainty; and

WHEREAS party unity is critical to Democrats’ success in 2018 and 2020 elections, but such unity depends on respect for all Democrats as reflected in their ability to trust in the fairness and integrity of our party’s internal elections; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that the Humboldt Progressive Democrats (“HPD”) calls for an independent third party, impartial, professional, transparent, and complete forensic audit of all CDP state officers’ or Regional Directors’ elections facing a challenge, including the election for CDP State Chair, to ensure each such election was conducted in accordance with principles of democracy and CDP rules (including whether ballots were cast by delegates or their eligible proxies, properly credentialed), in which auditors have the full support of the CDP to examine materials related to registration, credentialing, voting, counting votes, and securing ballots (including ballots, proxy forms), anything made available to candidates during ballot reviews, and other materials auditors deem appropriate (e.g., contact information for delegates, proxies, or others; surveillance recordings; CDP communications; or signatures); and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the HPD calls for the roles of CDP state officers or Regional Directors whose election is challenged or undergoing audit to be temporarily filled as described in Article III, Section 2 of the CDP Bylaws or, if not applicable, temporarily appointed as if the office is vacant; and calls for a “fair and just remedy” (Article XII, Section 5) if an audit does not substantiate the previously announced result; and that the HDP will transmit this resolution to the acting CDP Officers, the Compliance Review Commission, the Chairs of each of California’s County Democratic Central Committees that have not yet passed a similar resolution, and all members of the Executive Board of the CDP.

Introduced by: Humboldt Progressive Democrats


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